6 Ridiculous Overpowered Superhero Mash-Ups That Actually Happened

Batman with Superman's Powers? Thats just unfair.....

Lobo The Duck

In comic book continuity, many parallel universes exist filled with innovative versions of popular characters. These alternate realities have given us a Soviet Superman, a vampire Batman, and surprisingly an entire planet where Marvel superheroes are apes.

They've also given us weird and wonderful character fusions that have probably crossed our minds at least once growing up. Whether we fused constructible action figures together or illustrated these characters on a restaurant placemat, combining two superheroes and making them one has always been a whimsical fantasy.

Maybe you thought of a Wolverine that can shoot webs. More than likely, you've probably thought of a Batman with heat vision. But remarkably, as insanely awesome as these characters sound, they rarely leave a lasting impression in the comic book community.

At first glance, this may be caused by their limited appearances; typically in a mini-series or a cross-over. Looking deeper, their legacies have probably fallen by the way side due to their ridiculous design and/or their plot-ruining list of unending powers and abilities.

If you've ever thought of any crazy, overpowered mash-ups of superheroes, comic book writers have left little to the imagination in their industry's long history.

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