7 Comic Book Super-Spies BETTER Than James Bond

Sipping Martinies and shooting terrorists? How about Super Soldier Serum and alien entities instead?

Nick Fury Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

The name is Bond, James Bond. But is the man of infinite black suits and martinis really the best spy we have ever seen? Well, I think it is safe to say there are plenty of people in the world of comics, who would raise an objection to that.

Charming, intelligent, sexy, and lethal, there is just so much to love about a super spy from comics. And when the world needs top secret information on some evil organization, they will always find a way no matter the odds. Throughout the decades, many comic book arcs have centered round undercover investigations, with both heroes and villains utilizing their fair share of secret agents.

While James Bond never fails at stopping the Russians from gaining nuclear supremacy and all that stuff, the likes of Black Widow and Nick Fury have dealt with and defeated threats far greater during their illustrious careers. So let’s dive into the vast pages of comics and honour these brave men, women and everyone else who have gone under the radar and brought down empires.

These are the seven best comic book super spies better than James Bond...

7. John Lynch

Nick Fury Marvel Comics

You wanna talk super spies? Well John Lynch here is a super spymaster. Originally an agent for the International Organization, Wildstorm Comics’ equivalent for S.H.I.E.L.D, his exploits earned him a spot on an even more elite group of spies; Team 7. Naturally, he became the leader of the team and took down anyone and anything who was deemed a threat.

Lynch is no basic spy. He wields the powers of mind manipulation and telekinesis. Meaning even if he were to be discovered, he could very easily find a way out of his predicament.

It’s not just his abilities that make him so good at his job. The guy is absolutely ruthless. It doesn’t matter to him who he has to take out in order to complete the mission. Perhaps the moment that best sums him up is when he gouged out of his own eye during a fight. 007 would look like a spy intern next to this guy.

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