7 Image Comic Series Currently In Development For Film And TV

From panels to channels, from dreams to screens, these seven Image properties are on the way!

Image Comics/Giuseppe Camuncoli

In 2010 a paradigm shift occurred. While comic book proprieties had long been established as successful source material for major motion pictures, it was not until The Walking Dead premiered on AMC that production studios fully realized the lucrative potential of independent comic book franchises. The proverbial glass ceiling was shattered by the languid waltz of the walkers, leaving in its wake a myriad sweet of dollar signs.

Since its release, The Walking Dead has become a cultural phenomenon scoring millions of fans all across the globe. With the release of multiple spin-offs and endless merchandise, it's safe to say that The Walking Dead is one of the most financially successful comic book proprieties of all time. The fact that The Walking Dead, an Image Comic series, is creator and not corporate owned makes this feat all the more remarkable.

It is no wonder that production studios are doubling down on comic book proprieties. Over the last several years producers, directors and executives alike have discovered the creator owned gold mine that is Image Comic's creative output. Featuring an eclectic array of protagonists and settings , these proprieties are prime for the picking.

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