7 Scariest Batman Moments Ever

Batman is many things. He's a superhero; a vigilante; an avenger; a detective; a master of disguise. But perhaps Batman's greatest role is as a symbol to Gotham City; a symbol of hope and justice to its citizens but a symbol of dread and fear to its teeming criminal element. Batman is indeed a fearful presence. But he€™s arguably nothing compared to the characters that said presence attracts. Batman€™s rogues gallery is filled with creepy individuals. And don€™t forget the creepy locations. And when you really think about it, Bats can be pretty creepy too when he wants to be. Over the course of Batman€™s illustrious career in print there have been more than a few scary moments. After all, While other supes face off against the power mad and the global domination driven, Batman prefers to focus his attention on the deranged and the criminally psychotic. And if there€™s one thing you can trust the deranged and the criminally psychotic to deliver it€™s scary moments. This piece aims to chronicle seven such moments; the ones that made us reel in repulsion or gasp in worried surprise, reluctant to turn the page. So hold on to your Bat-nuts and let€™s dive in.
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