7 Villains Batman Has NEVER Defeated

Not even the ever-prepared World's Greatest Detective could topple these rogues.

DC Comics

One of the great unspoken rules of comics is that Batman can pretty much beat any villain who exists within the DC Universe.

He may not have any superpowers to speak of, but Bruce Wayne has taken down a who's who of rogues over the decades. Whether it's otherworldly, all-powerful forces, crime bosses, street gangs, or deranged lunatics with a penchant for chaos, the Caped Crusader usually emerges as the victor in any such fight.

Batman is famous for always being prepared for any possible situation, and it's this level of forward-thinking that has so often served the Dark Knight well when stepping into battle. Throw in a genius IQ and an array of various gadgets, and you can see why you'd always back the Bat when it came to the crunch.

That said, Batman hasn't always emerged victorious from his scuffles. And while the World's Greatest Detective largely wins the proverbial war even if he loses the initial battle, there are a select few villains who Bruce has never gotten one over on yet.

With that in mind, then, here are seven villains who Batman has NEVER truly defeated.

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