8 Captain America Questions That Always Confused You

So... why exactly isn't he a soldier anymore?

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Marvel Comics

Captain America is Marvel's Sentinel of Liberty, an icon of theirs and of the comics medium more generally. Such a status has invited constant debate however, to the point that, while Cap himself is nigh-on universally adored, there are a whole host of misconceptions surrounding the character.

Steve Rogers isn't unique in that sense, but make no mistake - he is unique. Few characters to have draped themselves in the flag of their own nation state have gone on to achieve such universal popularity, and it's fair to say it's because Cap transcends nationality. He represents the ideals behind America, not how it is, but as it should be - a message Marvel readers have been receptive to for decades.

Now, aided by the monolithic profile of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Steve Rogers has become one of the most iconic fictional characters of all time. But while debate inspired by that status can obfuscate the character's personality and backstory, so too can the character's actual on-page history.

There are certain aspects surrounding the star-spangled man with a plan that are legitimately confusing, either because the answers aren't on the surface level, or because subsequent discourse has lent legitimacy to misinformation. The answers are there though, so let's get explaining.

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