8 Classic Comics Hated By Their Creators

All the best comics - and the creators who hate them.

DC Comics

Being a comic creator is a weird job. You write or illustrate stories about imaginary characters fighting all day, and sometimes, you become unimaginably famous down to a particular issue you've created - which is suddenly and permanently beloved by countless people.

But just because fans love a comic, doesn't mean that the creator feels the same way. In fact, many of the most lauded and famous comics of all time are actually the subjects of substantial irritation and frustration for the people who've made them.

Sometimes, this is down to executive decisions and clashes between co-workers on the project, sometimes due to the business side of the comic industry, and sometimes, just because the creator straight up wasn't proud of their work, and doesn't think it deserves the praise it gets.

Whatever the reason, seeing the personal reactions of those involved in creating legendary comics only enhances the comic itself. It's almost it's own secret nerd lore to know about Alan Moore's personal battles with DC, or the office drama that Clone Saga created for two long years. With reasoning that ranges from perfectly reasonable to downright surreal, these personal feuds between comics and their own creators prove that often, real life is just as strange as the pages of any graphic novel.


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