8 Comics Famous Comic Creators Don't Want You To Know About

Listen, everyone makes mistakes...

DC Comics

Most of the time with great artists, all of their work is of a level that - even if it's not the best - is noteworthy. All of Michelangelo's work belongs in a museum, for instance.

However, comic creators are not like all artists. Comic creators do not have time to sit and think and work on their products. Comic creators have monthly deadlines and need to move from project to project or else they'll run out of money. So it makes sense in this heavily capitalistic medium that some stinkers would slip through.

What's more surprising is that this is true even of the best comic creators. For every award-winning comic on a creator's portfolio, you'll find a comic so bad, so horrible, so unlike the others, that it's a surprise the creators did not literally dig a grave and bury it.

Luckily, though, no one has gone that far, so here is a list of some of the most messed up, poorly written, and just flat out weird comic books by otherwise examplerary artists. Because everybody gets one.


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