8 Real-Life Events That Forced Comics To Change

7. Musician Forced Marvel To Change Cover - Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #15 (1990)

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Marvel Comics

In Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #15, our hero allies with Clea, Morbius and a minotaur (don't ask) to stop his brother, who has been turned into a vampire.

At a glance, there's nothing out of the ordinary with this story (at least, by Doctor Strange standards). However, this issue got Marvel into a bit of hot water since it used an image of musician, Amy Grant, for the cover to represent Stephen Strange's lover, Morgana Blessing.

Because Marvel could've used anybody on the planet as the model for Morgana, it wasn't a good idea to use the likeness of a famous musician without her permission. But that wasn't the only problem. Since Grant was deeply religious, she found it very disrespectful that her face was used to sell a comic that revolved around black magic and demons.

Even though her attorney failed to get the comic banned, Marvel was forced to pay Grant an out-of-court settlement for misusing her likeness on their merchandise. When the comic was republished the following year, the cover was redesigned so Amy Grant's face was entirely absent.


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