8 Smartest Decisions In Marvel Villain History

8. Loki Reenacts Men In Black - War Of The Realms

Loki Kills Laufey War of the Realms
Marvel Comics/Russell Dauterman/Matt Wilson

Loki Laufeyson is the God of Mischief, tricks and deception, and with thousands of years spent on Earth and the wider cosmos it only makes sense that he's proven victorious every now and then. Rarely ever against his brother Thor, but still - the Asgardian is considered a master warrior for good reason.

Out of the many centuries he's spent scheming and deceiving however, his best moment potentially came during the most recent one. Jason Aaron's stint on Thor built to a major conflict in War of the Realms, and it saw Loki - ever the trickster - deceiving both the forces of Asgard and Svartalfheim to achieve his own goals.

Be that as it may, it wasn't made clear until the most recent event where Loki's allegiances truly lied. Tricking his Frost Giant father Laufey into thinking he was ready to join his side, the God of Mischief reveals his true intentions to stand against him and gets himself eaten for his troubles. Only, he was basically doing his best impression of Agent K's battle against the Bug in Men in Black, as he plans a newer, messier kind of attack from within.

Daredevil, the newly anointed guardian of the Bifrost, sees Loki inside his father's stomach and throws Hofund into the giant's mouth. Thor's adopted sibling then uses the weapon to cut his way out and finally settle his differences with his dad, cementing that - even in death - there's no outwitting Asgard's favourite trickster.

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