8 Steps To Score A Date With A Cosplay Girl

You don't need some kind of Jedi superpower to get the cosplay girl of your dreams.

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2jetj8_8-steps-to-score-a-date-with-a-cosplay-girl_lifestyle There€™s something truly sexy about a girl who can take a movie, game or comic and bring it to life. Whether it be in the way she dresses, talks or even the style of her home (or room, depending on her age). Cosplay girls have been the centre of guys€™ attention for the past 30 years, making them some of the most desirable out there. They come in all shapes and sizes, have pretty much every colour hair under the sun (and then some) and most have some amazing sowing skills to boot. Who said sowing wasn€™t cool? But how does an Ordinary Joe stand a chance with some of the most appealing women in the world today? Do you have to be some kind of Jedi or have some kind of superpower to get the cosplay girl of your dreams? The answer is obviously no, because even though they may look like goddesses, they€™re everyday people who just LOVE to dress up. Here are 8 steps to scoring a date with a cosplay girl:

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