8 Superheroes Who Saw The End Of The World

7. Frank Castle - Cosmic Ghost Rider

Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys The Marvel Universe
Marvel Comics / Gerardo Zaffino

There have been plenty of great Marvel creations over the last decade, and Cosmic Ghost Rider is undoubtedly one of them.

Introduced by writer Donny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw in 2018's Thanos #13, Cosmic Ghost Rider is actually a version of Frank Castle who lived to see the world destroyed by Thanos, as the Mad Titan embarked on a terrifying conquest of the universe virtually unopposed.

Castle eventually perishes as Marvel's heroes defend the Earth, and finds himself in Mephisto's realm. There, he makes a deal with the demon to become the new Ghost Rider, so long as he could get revenge on Thanos.

Tragically, when Castle emerges, he discovers that Thanos is nowhere to be found and that the Earth is pretty much dead. He's forced to roam the planet on his own for years, until eventually Galactus arrives seeking aid against Thanos. Castle explains to the Devourer of Worlds how he was humanity's sole survivor, before offering the Earth up in exchange for a chance to kill Thanos by becoming Galactus' herald.

Galctus imbues Castle with the Power Cosmic, thus transforming him into the Cosmic Ghost Rider. Things go less well from there on in, with Thanos killing Galactus and making Frank his own herald, but of all the characters to have seen the apocalypse, few have done so with as much flare as the former Punisher.

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