8 Worst Things The Riddler Has Ever Done

Riddle me this: What’s purple and green, and bleeds profusely?

DC Comics

Having made his comic book bow in 1948's Detective Comics #140, The Riddler has gone on to be one of Batman's most beloved and infamous rogues. Of all the names to have tangled with the Caped Crusader over the decades, few are as notable or have done as much damage as Edward Nygma.

Whether it's from his time in the funny books, his various live-action appearances, video games, or even animated outings, Nygma has proven to be one of the Dark Knight's most challenging foes. He may not be a brutal bruiser or beefed-up tough guy, but Eddie has something that few other villains have - an IQ that's more than enough to push Batman to his absolute limit.

Like all good villains, The Riddler has done some truly devious, shocking things during his career of criminal activity. And there's an argument to suggest that Nygma's antics are even worse than his villainous colleagues due to the fact that he often targets the mind and mental toughness of the World's Greatest Detective.

On that trail of thought, then, here are the eight worst things that Edward Nygma has ever done...


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