9 Marvel Characters Who Could Wield Each Of DC's Lantern Rings (And Why)

Think Doctor Doom would wield the power of fear? Think again...

DC Comics

The different lights of DC's emotional spectrum (willpower, fear, rage, hope, compassion, love, avarice, death and life) are each represented by a colour. Each of those colours, in turn, is represented by a corps of warriors who each wield a ring that is powered by that particular emotion.

For example, Sinestro has the ability to cause great fear in people, therefore he wields a yellow ring - the colour of fear. With this ring, he is protected by a forcefield, has the ability to fly, can augment his strength and speed to superhuman levels; can fire energy blasts and has the ability to create constructs based on his own thoughts which can range from anything as simple as a basic shield to an intricate piece of functioning machinery.

The wide array of characters in DC comics who are capable of wielding each of the different rings, by virtue of being strongly associated with a particular emotion, got us thinking about characters from other sources who might be able to wield each different ring.

DC aren't exactly short of competition, but who better to use for this test than Marvel? They have an abundance of characters who could wield the power rings, albeit not the ones you may think...

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