Batman #76: Gotham Girl Has Just Defeated DC’s Strongest Hero

Is Gotham Girl now one of the DC universe's biggest threats?

Gotham Girl Captain Atom
DC Comics

Proving that the status quo in DC never remains the same for long, Batman #76 brought us the defeat of Captain Atom, one of DC's most powerful superheroes - who canonically has been considered so powerful that he is a 'threat to the universe' - at the hands of none other than Thomas Wayne's sidekick, Gotham Girl.

While it had always been apparent that Gotham Girl's powers were considerable - as her twin brother was able to use his powers to defeat the Justice League singlehandedly - defeating Captain Atom places Gotham Girl safely amongst the ranks of DC's most powerful metahumans, making her a substantially more important character than ever before.

This discovery has some significant implications for the DC universe at large, as it takes Gotham Girl from one of many metahuman threats, to one of the most dangerous individuals on Earth, if not in the franchise's entire universe.

Captain Atom Gotham Girl
DC Comics

Perhaps more importantly, this shows that Batman is definitely up for a deceptively dangerous fight upon his return to Gotham, as until this point neither we nor the Bat have ever seen Claire Clover's true potential. With so much of the lead-up dedicated to showing the corrupted Thomas Wayne as the Dark Knight's biggest threat, it may prove to be instead his sidekick who presents the bigger problem in taking back Gotham.


Does Gotham Girl deserve her place amongst DC's most powerful characters? Let us know in the comments down below!

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