Batman: 8 Incredibly Dark Joker Moments We'll Never See On Screen

As long as Batman is PG-13, we'll never see the real essence of the Clown Prince Of Crime...

He€™s been called the greatest comic book villain of all time and one of the greatest characters ever created. From his inception in 1940 to his continued existence in 2014, the Joker remains as popular as ever both for both comic book and non-comic book fans alike, with his Glasgow smile, green hair, and startling white skin being instant symbols of recognition. The Joker debuted in the Golden Age of comic books as a mass murdering serial killer Batman has to stop. His appearance in nine of the initial twelve issues established himself as the caped crusader€™s archenemy, and he continued to play the sociopathic role till the comic book code authority took control of the industry and ushered in the silver age, resulting in many characters becoming family-friendly caricatures of their former selves. In other words, the Joker literally became a gimmicky clown. Luckily, all that changed with the ushering in of the bronze and modern ages, wherein the Clown Prince Of Crime was brought back to his roots. Of course, in today€™s world where success for a superhero film mostly equates in a PG-13 rating, the gruesomeness of some of the Joker€™s more popular crimes will either never be depicted or completely shown. Here is a list of 8 such ones:

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