Batman Infographic of Every Single Batsuit Ever

Compare ever single Bat-suit since Bob Kane created the character in 1939 with this handy graphic!

Screen Rant have created an infographic showcasing what they claim to be every single Batsuit that Bruce Wayne has ever wore. The reason for such a timely endeavour? It appears that comic book writer Grant Morrison's comments about The Caped Crusader's attire got them inspired. €œ completely different€ €“ sometimes insanely different €“ €œbut they€™re all instantly recognizable as .€ To celebrate that quote, the site have created the below that features every single Bat-suit since Bob Kane created the character in 1939. Yes even the infamous Batnipples suit; Now for the question of which Batman suit is my favourite? Well it is usually the suit that you first grew up with and for me it was Tim Burton's iconic 1989 all black suit with the yellow logo that Michael Keaton wore. But what about you?
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