Batman: What Joker Thinks Of Every Gotham Hero

Enough Robins to make David Attenborough blush.

The Joker Nightwing
DC Comics

Gotham, given that it is only one city, has approximately a million too many heroes within it. You'd think that having Batman exist in a city would mean it was largely regard as covered, but apparently not, as the place is a spandex hotspot even outside of the yoga meet at Robinson Park.

And even when they leave, it seems you can take the Wonder Kids out of Gotham, but you can't make them stay there, as countless former Robins and rejects return to the scene of infinite crimes just to see if they can't finally get an iota of approval out of their overlord Batman. Spoilers: you're better off getting blood from various stones.

Between exiled birds, surprise superheroes, and individuals we all forgot existed, there's enough free labour working under the Batman in Gotham that's he's either legally a charity (which would explain all the orphans), or should be paying a pretty hefty tax bracket.

So join this clown's joy in telling you exactly which heroes deserve the title, and which would be lucky to be beat to a pulp by a crowbar in a dusty warehouse.

16. Simon Dark

The Joker Nightwing
DC Comics

Excuse me? Who? Officer, I have never seen this man in my life.

I'm not saying Batman is bad at his job, but this is a guy who genuinely makes everyone a little scared. Is he really made out of a bunch of corpses? When we literally have Frankenstein existing among us, why did this guy need to show up?

He was great inspiration for the whole "cut off face" thing though, credit where credit is due.

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