Can You Guess The Superhero From Their Catchphrase?

Holy trivia, Batman!

Marvel Comics/DC Comics

A good catchphrase can make or break a character, where would Dwayne Johnson be now if he wasn't always asking us if we could smell what he was cooking? Despite being twenty years since The Rock was a regular in WWE, the famous catchphrase is still one of the actor's most quoted lines.

Naturally, the superhero world is packed full of catchphrases, a hero's catchphrase was, at one time, equally important as their super power. During the Marvel age, when there seemed to be a new hero coming every single month, it was important for characters to stand out from the crowd. What better way to do that, than pull out a catchy phrase to help readers remember you?

These days, it's the first thing a new hero thinks about. Having grown up watching Spider-Man quip his way through fights, or hearing one of Batman's famous monologues, the young hero desperately searches for a cool line to use while fighting crime. It's something they rarely get right first time; poor Kamala Khan spent so long trying to figure out a cool line, before just settling for her power-up word.

So, just how catchy are these heroes' one liners? Let's see how many you recognise...

Answers at the end!

1. Chattering Chestnuts!


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