Can You Name All 32 Walking Dead Comic Volumes?

Consider yourself a Walking Dead fan? Try naming all thirty two comic volumes without fail!

The Walking Dead Comic
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The Walking Dead comic series was started because Robert Kirkman always found himself wanting to see what survivors did after the credits rolled in zombie films. How did they survive in a post-apocalyptic world, how did it affect them psychologically and how desperate would things become as the years go on? The Walking Dead was the answer to this.

Running for 193 issues, The Walking Dead covered just about every aspect of a zombie apocalypse possible, dealing with serial killers, cannibals, pregnancies, romance, the undead and the rebuilding of civilisation. It's one of the greatest comic series to ever release and led to The Walking Dead TV show, which has dominated TV screens ever since it first aired.

The comics are broken down into six issue arcs, which can be collected as volumes. This not only allows for the story to be split up nicely, but it also means avid fans can collect each individual volume for their own collection. If you line up them up, the art actually connects across all thirty two volumes!

But with every volume comes a unique volume title. Do you think you're a big enough fan to able to guess each and every title with just a snippet of the cover to assist? Take this quiz and find out.

1. Volume One:


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