Captain Marvel's 8 Biggest Feats Of Strength

1. They Took On Galactus - Ultimates: Omniversal

Marvel Comics

Al Ewing and Kenneth Rocafort's Ultimates series may have nothing to do with the universe of the same name, but it certainly laid a claim to being just as good in its first volume.

The group are brought together by Captain Marvel in order to take down cosmic threats to Earth, either by exercising extreme prejudice and meeting force with even more force, or by devising a solution to solve the problem peacefully.

Their first quandary, detailed in the book's first volume, Omniversal, sees Carol team up with Blue Marvel, Black Panther, Spectrum and Miss America to take down Galactus. Their plan? To remake Galactus with the desire to create worlds, rather than to destroy them. Carol manages to keep Galactus at bay for long enough, until Blue Marvel and the rest of the team are able to enact their plan.

Holding off Galactus is a feat few have achieved (Silver Surfer and Squirrel Girl count themselves among this exclusive club), but Carol just about managed. To also help enact a plan to change the very nature of one of Marvel's most potent entities is also a major deal, and perhaps best intimates just how powerful the character truly is.

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