Darth Vader Reveals Major Star Wars Character SURVIVED Revenge Of The Sith

And it's THE last person you'd expect.

Darth Vader
Marvel Comics

While the Darth Vader comic is the last place you'd expect a huge franchise-wide plot twist to be revealed in, it very much appears to be the case in the new 2020 series, written by Greg Pak, and illustrated by the talented hands of Raffaele Ienco.

The comic takes place after Vader and Luke Skywalker duel in Cloud City, with the Sith furiously attempting to hunt his son down once more. In attempting to do so, he finds himself once more in his dead lover Padme's apartment, which is completely undisturbed aside from one lone tracking device.

Following this device, Vader finds himself on a jungle base in Vendaxa, where he finds a spaceship crew trying to escape an alien assault. And, leading this crew, is none other than Padmé herself.

Padme Darth Vader
Marvel Comics

Or, atleast, someone who appears to be Padmé. Fan speculation currently places the actual identity of this mysterious person between three possibilities; a clone of Padmé, a shapeshifter, or otherwise one of the former Senator's handmaidens. Of these options, the third seems most likely, as many of these handmaidens were selected due to their similar appearance to Padmé herself, meaning that they could easily be this possible doppelganger.

That said, if this does turn out to be Padmé, it would drastically change the story of Star Wars itself. Instead of Vader's actions being (poorly) justified due to the grief he felt at Padmé's death, the plot would instead have to consist of Anakin's wife faking her own death, and escaping into a far-flung corner of the galaxy.

Though this would be a storyline that would have to be incredibly carefully done, there's still a lot of potential in having the marksman and Queen turn out to have been alive this whole time - although an army of cloned Padmés would also be a sight to see.


Do you think this is the real Padmé? Let us know down in the comments below.

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