DC Announces New Teen Titans Lineup For 2018

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Teen Titans DC 2018
DC Comics/Bernard Chang

The Teen Titans have been through a whole bunch of shakeups over the years, but for 2018, DC are planning one of the group's biggest.

Announced at this year's WonderCon for a July release, Teen Titans will be relaunching with a brand-new creative team and roster. Supernatural writer Adam Glass will script the comic while Bernard Chang handles art duties, and the roster they're going with promises to herald a new era for DC's premier sidekick group.

Every generation has their own Titans, and while franchise staples Starfire and the two previous Robins (Dick Grayson and Tim Drake) are absent, this new team will be headed up by Damian Wayne, Lobo's daughter (a completely new character called Crush), Kid Flash and the new Red Arrow: Emiko Queen. Lobo's daughter isn't the only newcomer however, with two other characters - Djinn and Roundhouse - also set to join the group.

It's by far the biggest shakeup the Titans have experienced for a long time, but it's one that makes sense. The old Titans team had been struggling to find the same kind of popularity they used to, and while there's no denying they're all loved for their own reasons, it was time for most to move on and allow a new generation of heroes to takeover.

What do you think of this new group of Titans? Was it time for a new team to takeover? Be sure to post your thoughts in the comments below!

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