DC Announces Sandman Universe For Vertigo's 25th Anniversary

Neil Gaiman's famous comic is back in business.

Sandman Universe
DC Comics

By way of Entertainment Weekly, DC have today announced some of their plans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Vertigo, one of the publisher's key imprints during the nineties. The news in question, however, is bound to get fans of Neil Gaiman's Sandman, rather excited.

Sandman Universe - a new line of titles that'll spin off from the original Gaiman comic - will launch later this year. Featuring brand new creative teams, the line will be overseen by Gaiman himself, marking DC's biggest return to the series since 2013's Sandman: Overture.

A one-shot special will kick off the event in August, clueing in readers on just what, exactly, has been going on since they last saw Dream, Lucien, and the rest of Gaiman's characters all together. Among the books announced include House of Whispers, which'll be written by Nalo Hopkinson; Books of Magic, which features Kat Howard on writing duties; The Dreaming, written by Si Spurrier; and a Dan Watters Lucifer spin-off too.


Starting in 1989, the original Sandman comic went down as one of the most important comics the industry has ever seen. Published under DC before moving to Vertigo in 1993, Neil Gaiman's seminal fantasy horror was notable for the way in which it managed to tap into a whole new audience, granting the book a salience that was mirrored duly in the tense and compelling stories featured within its pages.

So yeah, as far as announcements go, it's fair to say that they don't get much better than this.


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