DC Comics Gay Character To Be Revealed

Does DC really feel that forcing a straight character into the role of a gay one will broaden the company’s appeal?

DC Comics was once home to gods. Modern myths that stood larger than life with a sense of not only history, but legacy. But the company has been playing catch up since the 1960s, when Marvel Comics began dominating the industry with more experimental stories that defied conventions of the genre. In short, DC was being left behind and has been playing catch up ever since. Recently, DC announced their intention to dramatically reveal an existing character as being homosexual. Previously, the company had stated that characters already established as straight would not have their sexual orientations changed. When the misguided €œNew 52€ was launched, they made a big deal about a new Teen Titan that would be joining the team who was not only gay but also Muslim. If there was doubt in anyone€™s mind that he was created solely to pander to the LGBT community, bear in mind the guy wears a pink shirt, has a faux-hawk and is a ringer for what you€™d expect a homosexual man to look like, provided your only exposure to the gay community is watching Bravo. It€™s interesting this decision to turn an already established character to the Pink Side comes so soon after President Obama€™s support of Gay Marriage. At this point, DC seems like an aging hipster, trying to show the world that he€™s still hip - the pathetic old man who seeks a connection with his grandkids now that he€™s found out about €œthe face book and the tweeter.€ Now that Obama€™s comments have dominated the conversation, DC claims their attitude toward gay characters has €œevolved,€ but it comes across more like their desperate desire to stay relevant and profitable has €œevolved.€ DC is missing the whole point. The LGBT community (or any minority group) doesn€™t want exploitative token characters whose entire identity is tied to their €œgayness.€ Taking a character who is already around and transforming them into a homosexual character is not organic and feels horribly forced. It€™s a gimmick and obviously so. When the character is eventually revealed, all people will focus on is WHY said character was chosen to be turned, not anything to do with gender politics or a serious understanding of gay culture. The question is: Does DC really feel that forcing a straight character into the role of a gay one will broaden the company€™s appeal? Doesn€™t this seem more like another transparent attempt to be €œcool€ by DC Comics? Whether gay or straight, surely you€™ve got an opinion - let us know in the comments.
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