DC Introduces The Phantasm In New Batman & Catwoman Comic

One of Batman: The Animated Series' most famous creations is headed for DC continuity...

Batman Catwoman Mask Of The Phantasm
DC Comics/Clay Mann

Tom King and Clay Mann's Batman and Catwoman comic may not release until 2020, but DC have wasted no time at all in publicising it. It was announced last month that King would leave the main Batman comic with Batman #85, fifteen issues earlier than expected, and to call it a controversial decision would be putting things lightly. That's probably why DC are keen to emphasise the writer will still get to finish his Batman story, only much later than was initially planned.

We've known since the end of May that Mann would join King for the series, but the artist teased a new detail regarding it overnight. In what appears to be the updated cover for the first issue, none other than the Phantasm - the eponymous character from 1993's Mask of the Phantasm film - can be seen staring down Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. This is her first appearance in mainstream DC continuity.

Those familiar with Mask of the Phantasm and the DC Animated Universe in particular won't need reminding of who the Phantasm is. Her real name is Andrea Beaumont, and she was Bruce's close lover during his formative years in Gotham. Eventually it transpires that she has ties to the mob, and that - years after leaving Bruce - she's back in Gotham as the Phantasm herself, a murderous vigilante who targets key elements of the Gotham mafia.

It remains to be seen whether or not this version of the Phantasm is still Andrea (the tagline of "She awaits you" should confirm as much), but the character's inclusion at least reiterates that King's stint on Batman is going out with a bang.


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