DC New 52: Every Line Ranked From Worst To Best

52. The Ravagers

My thoughts on The Culling are well documented. That said, The Ravagers isn't as bad as I thought it would be. It follows a group of metahumans including Caitlin Fairchild that escaped N.O.W.H.E.R.E. after the events of The Culling. Caitlin is trying to help them get back to a "normal" life, but complications arise in the form of Brother Blood. The art has been really nice and I am starting to enjoy the interactions among the members. Maybe something good will come from The Culling after all. Only time will tell.

51. Catwoman

Where to begin with Catwoman? Many people have complained about the title since issue one ended with her and Batman f**king. Between that and the overly sexy and sometimes anatomically impossible art, fanboys everywhere were up in arms. But if you forget about that for a moment and focus on the story, it isn't too bad of a title. I actually quite like it. It's not great, but enjoyable enough. And having Selina partner up with other thieves is fun.

50. Hawk and Dove

Blackest Night was my introduction to Hawk and Dove. The concept is sound. Hawk is the avatar of war and Dove is the avatar of peace. Together, they fight crime and try to keep a balance. Although this title was not one of my favorites, I was sad to see it cancelled because it had set up some interesting story elements that were never fully flushed out. For instance, there are other avatars and there is some sort of connection between the current Dove, Dawn Granger, and the previous Dove, Don Hall. Hawk and Dove will appear in the DC Universe Presents #0 and hopefully some of these questions will be resolved.

49. Captain Atom

Prior to the DC New 52, I had only read of Captain Atom in the first arc of Superman/Batman. While reading the title, I found myself thinking that the character was just a ripoff of Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen. Later, I learned that Alan Moore based Manhattan on Captain Atom. And in fact, it seems like a giant story loop. One inspires the other while the other inspires the first. Captain Atom was the result of a military experiment that left Air Force pilot Nathaniel Adam with the ability to absorb and release energy, fly and transmute matter. Basically, he can do just about anything he wants. In fact, I believe that he could probably take out Superman single-handedly. That's power. The book has some amazing art and deep writing, but still suffers from being in the shadow of Watchmen.

48. Dial H

Four issues in and I am still trying to figure out Dial H. Where is it going? It has an amazing premise and some creepy art. And it has an almost anthology feel to it because of the changing cast of "superheroes." The book has taken me a few reads to fully grasp the overarching plot, but it seems like it could be leading to something pretty cool. And I am interested to see some interactions with some of the other DC characters.

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