DC Quiz: How Well Do You ACTUALLY Know Superman?

The Last Son of Krypton's Greatest Test.

Warner Bros.

Ever since his debut in Action Comics #1 all the way back in 1938, Superman has held a predominant place in pop-culture.

The big blue boy scout is now nearly a hundred years old and shows no signs of stopping. He's been through countless incarnations, through the mediums of comics, animated shows, video games, live-action television, and movies alike.

And over the course of this multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, decade-spanning history, Superman has charted quite the path for himself. Whether it be counting the number of times Jonathan Kent has died of a heart attack or simply keeping track of how many different actors have portrayed him on-screen, the Last Son of Krypton's past can be a bit complicated at times.

So are you prepared to test your intellect against that of the Man of Steel himself? Will you prove yourself to have the razor-sharp wit of a Brainiac or will you ultimately be undone by the lopsided logic of a Bizzaro?

1. How Many Basic Types Of Krytponite Are There?






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