Donny Cates TOTALLY Wants To Write Batman One Day

The Absolute Carnage writer shares his goals with WhatCulture Comics.

Donny Cates Absolute Carnage
Marvel Comics/ Donny Cates

Amidst the delight of touring the various floors and halls of Thought Bubble's 2019 Harrogate comic convention, us mere mortals at WhatCulture got chance to interview some of the biggest names in comics right now.

Donny Cates - who has worked on Thanos, Guardians of the Galaxy, and most recently Venom - is without a doubt one of such names, especially with his ongoing Absolute Carnage series being one of Marvel's most successful events of the year, if not just in recent history.


Cates had plenty of words to share with us, about not only the future for Absolute Carnage, but also about his potential future projects in the comic world. The interview clued us in on some major characters that he plans to work on in the future - as well as giving us a sneaky insight into the writer's work on his upcoming run on Thor.

And - because it was our sacred duty to ask - Cates even found time to address fan theories regarding the living arrangements of Wolverine, Cyclops and Jean in Dawn of X, so there's also that to tempt you, just in case everything else didn't sound exciting enough already.


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