Doomsday Clock: Everything We Know About DC's Watchmen Crossover

5. Doomsday Clock Will Alter The DC Universe

DC Comics

Make no mistake, Doomsday Clock isn't some non-canonical crossover thrown together for novelty purposes. It will have major repercussions for the DC Universe and forever change its status quo.

Geoff Johns has hinted that the event will shake up the publisher's line in a similar fashion to Flashpoint and Rebirth before it, but we have more than a year to wait to find out what the specific changes will be.

The story will play out over the course of a year, across 12 monthly issues.

It will begin one year behind current DC continuity, but Johns has confirmed it will quickly catch up and intersect before ushering the DCU "into tomorrow"...

"There's so much great thematic and important stuff about what the DC Universe is, what these heroes mean to us, what the world faces on a daily basis, and why I think these heroes speak to me and why it speaks to you. That's what this book is about. It's a celebration of everything from Action Comics #1 in 1938 all the way to today. It leads the DC Universe into tomorrow with issue 12, literally tomorrow."

What the DC Universe could look like after Doomsday Clock is anybody's guess, but it's certainly possible that the new status quo will have Watchmen characters deeply embedded into it, possibly with their own series.


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