Every Strange Academy Student Ranked Worst To Best

Which magical youngster reigns supreme in a school run by the Sorcerer Supreme himself?

Doctor Strange Academy
Marvel Comics

If there's one thing that comic book publishers can't resist, it's a teen team. There have been so many, it's easy to get lost in Marvel's many variations. Something about putting young people in mortal peril just really works for them. But while teams like The Young Avengers and The New Mutants have always represented the youth movement for their respective subsections of herodom, the magical side of the universe has always lacked that same young presence. Cue, Strange Academy.

Strange Academy has been the breakout hit ever since it appeared on shelves in early 2020, and truthfully, how could it not be? Led by an all-star creative team of Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos, this riff on Harry Potter meets Marvel is an exciting adventure following 11 magical teenagers attending a magic school hosted by Doctor Strange himself. And of course, adventures and hijinks ensue.

With a large cast, it's only natural to have your favorites, but there is only one definitive list: this one.

So, now that the first run of the book is done, with a relaunch scheduled for the Fall, let's rank the students. Beware of spoilers ahead.

11. Calvin

Doctor Strange Academy
Marvel Comics

Calvin is the worst. He is one of the three human characters (four if you count zombies) in the main cast, and by God, does he pale in comparison to the rest.

Calvin is an orphaned teen who was invited to Strange Academy because he found a magic coat. That's it. No magical ability, no wild lineage, just the coat. So when that coat was taken away, you can imagine this character might have been forced to grow. It could even be a blessing in disguise, allowing him to challenge himself in the face of adversity. It could have the impetus for an all new Calvin who earned his place at this school.

But not Calvin. No, Calvin becomes a drug dealer. Admittedly, he did try the hard way at first, but the pressure of being a nonmagical teen in a school full of innately gifted peers got to him. It's truly sad to see the wasted potential. Sure, he could be redeemed, but his true colors have been shown. He would rather cry about his problems and hope for divine intervention, than do something himself to fix it.


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