Every Time Thor Has Died In Comics (And How He Came Back To Life)

Being a god isn't easy.

Marvel Comics

With the supposed death of Thor recently occurring in Captain Marvel #12, an age-old question emerges: why does Thor die so dang much? After all, he's a literal god, and easily one of Marvel's most powerful heroes - if not outright one of their most powerful characters.

But this insane level of power does place a target on the God of Thunder's back, because - as the most powerful hero in most storylines - he's also the one that's the most impressive to kill off. Add to this the fact that it's almost always Thor who ends up fighting the biggest threats to the Marvel universe, and you have a handy dandy guide to basically every unfortunate demise we've ever seen the Norse god face.

Indeed, the fact that Thor is permanently inches away from another death is a good portion of what makes him so interesting, as he has the potential to die in literally every series he's in - adding a nice extra dose of tension to whatever you're reading.

Whether he's torn apart by zombies, murdered by Rogue, or just pushed out of a building, Thor's deaths are a dark source of entertainment for any comic fan - and a reliable source of grief, in the brief moments before he's brought back once more.


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