Every Weapon In Wonder Woman's Arsenal

A warrior needs her tools, and Wonder Woman has some of the coolest and most powerful in comics.

Wonder Woman Sword Shield
DC Comics

When Wonder Woman was created by William Marston in 1940, she was intended to represent the pinnacle of modern woman.

Marston saw her as a symbol of force, strength, and power; he believed in the concept of "love leadership" and felt that the world would be better off if it was run by a civilisation of Wonder Women. (Marston also, however, was a firm believer in bondage and submission and tied elements of his lifestyle into Wonder Woman's creation as well.)

Wonder Woman's history since then has had multiple twists, turns, and origins, depending on current continuity. The most common elements of her backstory involve her being an Amazon from Themyscira (Paradise Island in older comics), either a goddess or demi-goddess, being daughter to Queen Hippolyta - and being an emissary of her elusive civilisation to the considerably different "world of men."

What has never changed about her portrayal is her skill, fierceness, and abilities as a warrior. When you add in her formidable array of weapons and equipment, she is truly one of the most devastating enemies of evil that DC has to offer.

13. Her Hands And Feet

Wonder Woman Sword Shield
Warner Bros.

Diana is considered the finest warrior of the Amazon race. From birth, she was trained in Amazonian martial arts by a succession of teachers. Amazonian martial arts are unique to their culture and Diana is considered a master practitioner.

While she's not necessarily one of the best martial artists in the DC Universe, her training, will, and superhuman abilities make her one of the deadliest fighters around. Batman, who is certainly no slouch himself in the realm of hand-to-hand combat, once paid her the compliment of saying she was the best overall melee fighter on Earth.

Newer incarnations of Wonder Woman have also reflected the fact that, unlike Superman, for example, who views combat as a last resort, she loves to mix it up in a good fight and will never willingly concede to an opponent unless the collateral damage is becoming too high.

For an excellent example of her fighting prowess, check out "Grudge Match", an episode of Justice League Unlimited where Wonder Woman dominated the team of Black Canary, Huntress, Vixen, and Hawkgirl in a UFC-style cage fight called Metabrawl.

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