Frank Miller: Ranking His Comics From Worst To Best

Responsible for the very nature of how Batman exists in 2014, we present a runthrough of Frank Miller's phenomenal body of work.

Frank Miller boasts some of the greatest comic book stories ever written as part of his canon. Starting in the early 1980s as a young artist, Miller eventually garnered attention as a writer. Soon, the Lanky One was producing original graphic novels while writing and drawing for both Marvel and DC Comics, and by the late '80s he was being mentioned alongside the likes of Alan Moore as a master of the medium. Today, the man is somewhat of a conundrum. Every artist has weak works alongside their masterpieces, but Miller has long stretches of divisive material. There's little doubt that his career arc has an interesting bent to it, full of works that range from the forgettable to the phenomenal. This list aims to arrange that arc from the downright mess to the downright masterpiece. Where possible, the collected editions or series runs have been cited in their entirety as one entry - Miller has been writing comics since the early '80s, and so we'd have an impossibly long list if every issue was ranked. In addition, this article will focus mainly on Miller's writing. There's a ton of great material that Miller worked on only as an illustrator (like Wolverine), but it would be similarly impossibly to rank that material definitively. Regardless of your current feelings on Mr. Miller or your familiarity with his work at all, feel free to post in the comments section with your own response.

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