How Batman Would Defeat Each Member Of The Avengers

Breaking down how Batman would beat Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Co.

batman captain shield
DC Comics/Marvel Comics

Few comic book characters prove to be as forever popular as Batman. Since debuting in Detective Comics #27 way back in 1939, this creation of Bill Finger and Bob Kane has gone from strength to strength, becoming an icon of not just comic books, but of film, TV and video games too.

One of the elements of the Batman character that makes him stand out from the pack is the rogues gallery that the Caped Crusader is tasked with battling. Many have said that a great hero can only be a great hero if they've got a great villain to go up against - and in Batman's case, he's got what many would deem the absolute best array of rogues to face off with.

Of course, Batman is famed for living up to his World's Greatest Detective moniker, with his smarts meaning that he can come up with the perfect strategy to beat any opponent that decides to step up to the Dark Knight.

Not just villains, mind, for Batman has also bested some of DC's finest heroes at certain times.

How about the greatest heroes of Marvel Comics, though? If confronted with the Avengers, here's how Batman would (probably) stop the long-standing mainstays of Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

10. The Hulk

batman captain shield
Marvel Comics

One of the fiercest, most problematic threats facing anybody who dares go up against Earth's Mightiest Heroes is, of course, the Hulk.

Ever since making his comic book bow in 1962 - another character brought to life by the iconic pairing of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby - the Green Goliath has proven to be an unbeatable, unrelenting force of nature that some of the most powerful entities in the galaxy have failed to put down.

How would Batman take out the Hulk, then? The key to this battle for the Dark Knight lies in catching the Jade Giant when he's at his weakest - when he's in the everyday form of Bruce Banner.

For Batman to get Hulk to that state would require the World's Greatest Detective to put his brain into gear. The options on the table are to either concoct a tranquilizer strong enough to quell Hulk's rage, ambush Banner when he's not expecting it, or to outlast one of Hulk's frenzied rampages in order to tire the brute out so that he reverts to his human form.

However Batman gets to it, when he is confronted with plain ol' Bruce Banner, it's there that the Caped Crusader would deliver the finishing blow.

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