How Iron Man Would Defeat Each Member Of The Avengers

How would this founding Avenger eliminate Captain America, Thor and Hulk?

Marvel Comics

In the tier list of the smartest characters in the Marvel universe, Tony Stark is - well he's not at the top, Moon Girl runs intellectual circles around him - but he's still pretty high up there. This founding Avenger has long established that his intelligence and ability to think ahead for any situation runs unparalleled among The Avengers roster.

So what would happen if he turned on his own team?

Marvel hasn't really explored the idea of Iron Man eliminating his teammates, at least not to the extent DC did with Batman in Tower Of Babel, and to be clear I'm not talking about simple subduction of the other Avengers - this is about ELIMINATION.

However, there's a problem here. Unlike the Justice League, The Avengers are defined by their rotating character roster, with members swapping in and out, sometimes multiple times per run. So to avoid a list in the triple digits, there's gonna need to be some ground rules.

As such, founding members and core MCU members only. If they weren't in the first issue or the first Avengers movie, they don't count here.

Now then, let's find out how Iron Man would murder all his friends!


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