Immortal Hulk: 10 Shocking Moments That Blew Fans' Minds

Wait... the Devil Hulk is back?!

Marvel Comics/Alex Ross

In the span of just over a year, Al Ewing has created what is perhaps the single best Hulk comic to have ever existed. While this is a big statement - especially given the Hulk's powerful moments in series like Civil War II - it's also one that is simply fact, as Immortal Hulk contains countless moments of awe, fear and amazement, all tied nicely into one Hulk-shaped package.

And while many of these moments revolve around the brutal violence we've come to know and love from the Hulk, the series doesn't hinge solely on huge fights. Instead, it focuses around developing Banner and the Hulk as characters, leading to a string of unusual revelations and surreal instances that leave you desperately wanting to read more of the engaging saga.

It takes some risks, sure, but all of these risks have thus far paid off sevenfold, with each issue containing at least a handful of moments that may genuinely make you gasp out loud.

With mutated monsters, secret demons, and world-ending catastrophes galore, it's safe to say that the Immortal Hulk series isn't about to get boring anytime soon.


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