Justice League: 10 Most Emotional Moments

6. The Death Of Blue Beetle

Barry allen remembers wally west
DC Comics

Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle, had long been seen as a joke by the rest of the Justice League. He and his best friend Booster Gold had been sidelined as comic relief characters by most of the fanbase, which is why 2005's Countdown to Infinite Crisis had such a heartbreaking ending.

Blue Beetle, down on his luck and out of friends and allies who were willing to listen to him, discovers a secret plot by a revived organization called Checkmate. After chasing different leads, Beetle eventually discovers their headquarters is in a Belgian castle. Naturally, being the hero that he is, Beetle decides to infiltrate the castle to see what the group is planning.

Things don't go his way however, and he is caught and apprehended by a man named Maxwell Lord, who used to be a bankroller of the Justice League.

Shortly after, Maxwell gives Beetle an ultimatum: join him or die. Through gritted teeth, Beetle responds simply with "Rot in hell Max", before being shot in the head. A triumphant last stand in the face of imminent death, and a heartbreaking way to go out.


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