Justice League of America #6 (Trinity War #2) Review

jla62 The story so far: following the Throne of Atlantis storyline where Aquaman€™s brother Ocean Master waged war on us land people, Amanda Waller set about constructing a team who could combat the global threat the Justice League represent should they ever go rogue. That team is the imaginatively named Justice League - of America (and are paradoxically comprised of weaker €œheroes€ than the Justice League - Catwoman, Green Arrow, Vibe, Steve Trevor. But they€™re still the World€™s Most Dangerous apparently)! When Trinity War kicked off last week in Justice League #22, the JL and the JLA were brought together in a confrontation that climaxed with Superman killing Doctor Light by blasting his head off with his heat vision. But did Superman intend to take a life or not? You will in no way be in any doubt by the end of this issue that he did. We pick up Justice League #6/Trinity War #2 moments after that scene in one of the worst battle sequences ever drawn. The characters are still arbitrarily fighting one another of course though the action is so slow paced that Steve Trevor has the time to literally tell Vibe how to fight Flash which, to Vibe€™s credit, he does so hesitatingly because Flash is actually a hero like Vibe - why would they be fighting? Things plod on until Superman throws a tantrum and demands to be locked up. This immediately ends the pointless fighting as the characters stand around looking embarrassed for Superman - and then Steve Trevor arrests Superman (!). Arthur Light aka Doctor Light has been the weirdest inclusion in the JLA series as he€™s only been in a few panels in JLA #4 and #5 but since the first issue of Trinity War came out, it€™s been clear why he was introduced - just to be killed. It€™s the worst possible reason to bring in a character as it makes his very existence utterly contrived, which it was. I€™m not outraged that they killed him (he was never a good character - look at Identity Crisis for evidence) but that he was the one who apparently begins this Trinity War nonsense. Why would anyone give a damn about Doctor Light?! Well, it€™s clear that they don€™t - the important thing about this whole situation isn€™t that Doctor Light died but that Superman took a life. So Superman gets strapped into a specially made chair in ARGUS€™s HQ while the rest of the superheroes go to the sick bay to have their boo-boos fixed up while awkwardly standing around looking at one another despite being at each others€™ throats just a few minutes earlier. This whole sequence further underlines the stupidity of this Event - it just doesn€™t make sense, not even to the characters! After a heavily expositional scene between Wonder Woman and Batman, they decide Superman isn€™t to blame but that Pandora€™s box corrupted him and made him do it. Also Doctor Light€™s power sucked the solar power from Superman causing him to die accidentally. This book spends so much time explaining away any blame that might be attributed to Superman, I wish they hadn€™t bothered making Superman the one who killed Light. So with Superman €œpoisoned€ by Pandora€™s box and becoming weaker by the panel, Wonder Woman sets out to find the box which leads her to Justice League Dark - note that the JLA have barely figured in this issue despite this being their series! So Wonder Woman recruiting the JLD to help her in her investigation is what brings the third and final Justice team into the mix. What an underwhelming way of introducing these guys! The issue ends with the Question asking Superman if he wants to find out who really killed Doctor Light - got that guys? SUPERMAN ISN€™T RESPONSIBLE FOR DOCTOR LIGHT€™S DEATH! Sheesh, how many times are they going to repeat this message - I got it the first time Geoff Johns, repeating it again and again and again is pointless. What is this, a comic for 5 year olds with ADD? jla6 JLA #6/Trinity War #2 is an absolute bust. It€™s superhero comics at their loudest, stupidest and least meaningful - worse than that, it€™s painfully boring to read through. Besides the arbitrary superhero fight in the first few pages of the book, the rest of it is taken up with characters standing around telling you Superman isn€™t responsible while waiting for the next fight they€™ll inevitably be dragged into, just because. After just 2 issues, Trinity War is so bad it€™s starting to make Age of Ultron look like a masterpiece. Easily the worst comic of the week, Justice League of America #6 is a colossal stinker. Justice League of America #6 by Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire and Doug Mahnke is out now
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