MARVEL COMICS Reaches 2 Million Facebook Fans!

Is this once and for all definite proof that Marvel is more popular than DC Comics who are struggling on a lowly 40,000 facebook fans?

Marvel-ites are having a party like it's 1999... except that it's 2 million instead. The Marvel Facebook site has breached the two million fans mark and is still growing. Not content with comic books, movies, action figures and clothing lines, the franchise monster is working hard at dominating the digital realm as well. Marvel has been at the forefront of pioneering ever since Timely Comics changed into the infamous Marvel label, and forever changed the way the comic book industry operated. Dubbed 'The Marvel Way', Stan Lee would allow his artists broad creative control by phoning in only a brief description of the storyline for a comic, and allowing them to take their art wherever they wanted. This led to the big, action-oriented, dynamic style that defined Marvel in its early years and separated it from the competition. Jump to this new millennium and Marvel is still firing at the forefront by leading the way in this digital revolution. Beginning with the online launch of their Digital Comics label in 2005, which has thousands of issues available in a digital format, they are now offering free access to this library in Starbucks outlets. More impressively Marvel have shifted into purpose-created online content which begins to change the static comic book page into a new experience for the TV and film age. Hopefully you have checked out Marvel's Motion Comics' Spider-Woman: Agent Of S.W.O.R.D or Iron Man: Extremis. Now I don't mean to bag our DC rivals (yes, yes I do!) but have you checked out their Facebook page? Not even 400,000 fans. Either no one likes DC Comics or their fans are not even nearly as passionate and raucous as us Marvel-ites! Are you a Spider-Man supporter? A Fantastic Four fan? An X-Men extremist? Do you love the Mighty Marvel? Then head on over to Facebook and make yourself a Marvel Fan for the digital age. Let's see if we can't reach 3 million!

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A director & cinematographer by trade, but a Geek by choice. David grew up on the beaches of Sydney, Australia where he spent most sunny days indoors organsing his ever-expanding comic collection. Snubbed by the world at large, he wrapped himself in the sweet, sweet tales of the Marvel Universe and only resurfaces for Cheezels.