Marvel Legacy: 8 Reasons The Fans Should Be Worried

If in doubt, relaunch!

Marvel Comics

That relaunch button will be worn out at Marvel Comics if they keep this up.

This time the House of M is looking to the past to usher its line towards a more lucrative future with the Marvel Legacy launch, an initiative that promises to shift the spotlight back towards its classic heroes.

Marvel is billing the event as a major continuity buster - aren't they all - but the fan reaction has been mixed at best, and why shouldn't the true believers be skeptical?

Between its long-running distribution problems, pricing issues and its cancellation-happy execs, Marvel Comics has a lot of fences to mend with this initiative, and one has to wonder whether this is the fresh start it needs.

The relaunch will kick off with the Marvel Legacy #1 one-shot in the autumn, after which 53 of the publisher's series will revert to their classic cumulative numbering system and sport old-school cover designs that pay homage to its vintage output.

Phrases like 'back to basics' are being bandied about, but hang on, didn't DC do something just like this a year ago? It certainly did, but Rebirth comparisons could be the least of Marvel's worries when this soft relaunch is initiated.


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