Marvel Reveal The Fantastic Four's New Costumes

This is a big deal.

Fantastic Four Human Torch
Marvel Comics

When Marvel Legacy debuted last August, few fans would have expected the Fantastic Four to mount a comeback. The group had long been AWOL in the comics thanks to the fallout surrounding the onscreen rights to the characters, and while the Disney-Fox merger is yet to be approved, it was thought that the negotiations between the two companies would beget an on-page resurgence for Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben.

Now, six months on from the release of Chip Zdarsky and Jim Cheung's Marvel Two-in-One - a comic that spotlighted The Thing and Human Torch - that comeback only looks closer to becoming a reality. Fans had long speculated that the comic would be a vehicle for an FF revival, but with its story of Ben and Johnny preparing to launch into the cosmos to find Reed, Sue and their children in order to stop the irreversible decline of their powers, a new series featuring the Four is all but confirmed.

Fantastic Four New Costumes
Marvel Comics

Such an adventure calls for some new threads, and while they're more of a dynamic duo than a Fantastic Four, Johnny and Ben have saw fit to retain the symbol of their maiden superhero team on their new outfits (shown off in a CBR preview), which debut in the fourth issue of Marvel Two-in-One releasing this Wednesday. (How exciting.)

While blue and white have very much been the iconic pallet of the Fantastic Four, the team have undergone various changes in recent years, including a shift to black and white when the group rebranded as the Future Foundation, and then to an Incredibles-esque red and black when they reverted back to their old namesake.

But where those designs retained the classic jumpsuit aesthetic, these new ones seem to be borrowing from motorcycle wear and modern space gear. It's a big departure, and while it might take some getting used to, the main thing to remember is that the Fantastic Four are coming back, and well, that's just about the best thing to happen to the Marvel Universe in years.

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