Marvel Teases Mysterious Spider-Man Announcement

Could we finally get to see Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4 in comic form?

Spider-Man 4 Announcement

Marvel are no strangers to a good teaser. Whether for the purpose of hyping up new comics, TV shows, games or films, the House of Ideas is constantly cranking out all sorts of mysterious images to promote various media. However, one posted to the company's Twitter yesterday has gotten fans particularly interested.

Uploaded at 11:00 am Sunday morning, the image shows the number four woven from spider-webs, with an arachnid on the number itself. The only accompanying text was a simple '#MarvelComics', while Marvel's Editor-in-Chief C. B. Cebulski was slightly more forthcoming with information, stating that "no one is going to see this one coming..."


It must be said first that the teaser is for a Marvel comic specifically, and not for a potential film. That said, the image has managed to generate much more attention than most of Marvel's other comic-specific teasers, and it's because some fans believe that it could be related to Sam Raimi's cancelled fourth Spider-Man film. Artist Alex Ross, who provided concept art for Raimi's original films, yesterday deleted a tweet featuring art from the writer/director's series too.

Could the incidents be linked? It's possible, but fans should also bear in mind Spider-Man's long-running association with the Fantastic Four. The web-slinger has served alongside Mr. Fantastic, Sue Storm, Thing and Human Torch intermittently over the years, even replacing Johnny Storm in the wake of his death to kickstart the Future Foundation.


Either way, fans can expect to learn more of Marvel's Spidey teaser in the days to come. Here's hoping it's something every True Believer can get excited about.

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