Marvel Unveil Terrifying New Version Of Carnage

Proving that Carnage can always get scarier.

Absolute Carnage
Marvel Comics

With the much hyped events of Absolute Carnage growing closer and closer, the reveals for the series make it only appear all the more promising.

Of these reveals, the most surprisingly hype is that of the new action figure comic cover variant designed by John Tyler Christopher. While the ‘conventional’ covers for the four-part comic showed us a portion of the character's new appearance, this version serves to give us a far clearer look into just how scary the new look is going to be. Between the skeletal figure, the glowing symbols etched into him, and the suggestion that Kasady will be gaining a zombie-like makeover, the fresh nightmare the comic appears to be setting up for has never felt more real.

Interestingly, the figure is named the 'Prophet of the Void', which does suggest that Carnage may gain ties to The Void - the intensely powerful nemesis of the Sentry - suggesting that other superheroes may be drawn into the events of the upcoming series. Even if this isn't the case, the new design is guaranteed to create the beautiful, astronomical levels of nightmare fuel that Carnage is known and loved for.


What do you think of Carnage's new look? Let us know in the comments below!

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