MCU Phase 4: 10 Romances We Want To See Post-Infinity Saga

Love is 3000 after all, and we can't wait to ship these new couples on-screen.

Marvel Comics

Don't underestimate the power of love.

Just ask Steve Rogers, whose entire, almost century-long mandate was to reunite with his soulmate in Peggy Carter. We can't, however, deny the impact of the actual reunion between the couple, as the end of Avengers: Endgame provided us with all the feels. Love in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is carefully constructed, and often results in mainstream recognition for both the characters and the actors portraying them.

The Infinity Saga provided us with great instances of romance being established and built on with subsequent films. Even though some have fallen flat (sorry Bruce and Betty in The Incredible Hulk), others have become personal favourites.

As we look to the future, and with Disney slowly but surely reeling in Marvel characters from other studios, there is potential for subsequent lovers to become the apple of our eye. With new set photos showcasing a budding romance between Kit Harrington and Gemma Chan's characters from the upcoming Eternals film, there is clearly a rich history here to sift through.

Although no pairing can totally replace Tony and Pepper, these new couples can surely stand alongside them in the MCU.

The romantic possibilities are endless. It's just a matter of ensuring the right characters get together on-screen first...


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