New TMNT Comics Introduce Fifth Turtle

Adapting to Turtle Life can't be easy.

TMNT #95
IDW Publishing

Proving that major plot points can occur where you least expect them, the newest TMNT has brought a true game changer to the table, introducing a new member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a profoundly unexpected way.

TMNT #95 sees the turtles desperately trying to save the life of Jennika, a Foot Clan ninja the team had bonded with. In a move equal parts exciting and nightmarish, Leo transfuses his blood into the woman to save her life, inadvertently transforming her into one of the heroes in a half shell. While this transformation is literally the stuff of nightmares, the released material on the new member of the Turtles is anything but. Jennika has been shown in full turtle form on her creator's Twitter, complete with a yellow headband and a clawed gauntlet as a weapon.


Although we can't yet be sure if she'll be a permanent member of the team, it's safe to say this addition has well and truly spiced up any further comics - as well as proved that a female turtle can be designed well.

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