Only A True Believer Can Identify All Of These Spider-Man Characters

How well do you know Spider-Man's rogues, allies, family, and friends?

Spider-Man Characters
Marvel Comics

Spider-Man has been swinging through the pages of Marvel Comics for more than half-a-century, and in all the time he's been around, he's made some acquaintances. Of course, not everyone is as nice as Betty Brant, or as angry as J. Jonah Jameson — some are downright loving and kind.

Of course, most of the people in Spider-Man's world aren't very nice to everyone's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, and his retinue of villains is one of the largest in all of Marvel Comics. Where a hero like Captain America (who has been around MUCH longer) has only a few nemeses, Spider-Man has dozens!

Everyone from the Rhino to the Enforcers and the Green Goblin to Carnage have gone up against Spider-Man over the years, making for a massive rogues' gallery. Most Spider-Man fans can name his biggest foes who make up the Sinister Six or even call out a symbiote or two, but those are too easy.

What about the folks who don't regularly try to kill him? There are plenty of those too, and they will be featured in this quiz! If you think you know Spidey's enemies, allies, comrades, and friends, give it a shot and see if you can web a 100% on this Spider-Man quiz!

1. J. Jonah Jameson Hired This Guy To Find Out Spider-Man's True Identity.


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