SPOILER: Lady Thor's Identity Revealed At Last!

And Odinson's replacement isn't who you expected...

For the past few months, fans of Marvel's The Mighty Thor have had only one thing on their mind. Okay, two things on their mind: firstly, when does this accursed Social Justice Warrior doctrine that made their God Of Thunder into a woman finally get undone, allowing the one true (male) Odinson to finally regain his place? And secondly, who is this new Lady Thor anyway? Today's Thor #8 looks set to answer at least one of those questions. The new Thor series began where the Original Sin crossover left off, where - amongst all the other revelations that were stirring up drama in the superhero community - Nick Fury whispered something in the (old, male) Odinson's ear that apparently made him "unworthy" of lifting Mjolnir. And those magical hammers are a real stickler for the rules that they have printed on the side of them. Soon after a new Thor showed up, and a decidedly womanly one at that. As in, she was a woman. But who was she before she became the new God Of Thunder? The smart money has been on SHIELD agent Roz Solomon, an eco-crusader and Thor's squeeze for a spell, who was a major part of writer Jason Aaron's run on the book. Thor #7 even showed her landing on the moon in a flying car and spying the discarded hammer. Turns out that was a huge fake-out though, with the real new Thor being (SPOILERS!)
Yes, that's Doctor Jane Foster, Thor's ex-girlfriend (played by Natalie Portman in the movies), who's seen better days. Recently she's been hanging out in Asgard, diagnosed with breast cancer back in Thor: God Of Thunder #12 and living out her final days of chemotherapy in the Norse realm. Odinson quickly dismissed her as a potential candidate for the new Thor based on her weakened state, but it turns out his suspicions were correct: after all, if you're worthy, the hammer will make you strong. The big reveal also offered a new twist, however - being Thor is apparently "killing Jane". The cancer probably doesn't help, either. That'll probably stop her from being the new God Of Thunder for too long. But, as that final page also noted, this story won't pick up again...until after Secret Wars is done. Booooo.
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