The 10 Best Horror Comics You've NEVER Heard About

Take a trip through horror comics' most obscure shadows to find these ten classic bone chillers.

Image Comics

Horror comics have always been around, but that doesn't mean they're always popular. Despite being around since practically the dawn of the industry, that same industry has not always been kind to it, what with things like the Comics Code Authority drastically limiting the stories that could be told.

Nonetheless, several horror series have slipped through the cracks. Some from here in the states, and others from overseas industries like Japan, unburdened by such baggage. However, when something slips through the cracks, that of course means that there's something stopping most horror comics from getting their due.

So let's get about fixing that!

For this list, we're looking at the greatest horror comics that most people have likely never heard of. Doubtless these have their fanbases, but ask a casual comic fan what their favorite horror comic is, and you're unlikely to hear about these obscure bone chillers.

So if you're looking for something new to read for the Halloween season, and you want to go off the unbeaten path to find it, why not give these underrated horror classics a read?


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