The Batman Who Laughs: The Full Story

8. The Dark Multiverse

DC Comics

Deep beneath the DC multiverse we've grown to know lies a dark secret. For every Earth, there is a negative counterpart. For instance, Earth 0 has Earth -52, Earth 22 has Earth -22 and so on. However, it wasn't always this way.

Originally, this multiverse was known as the "World Forge". Rich in dark matter and precious metals, it's one resident - a cosmic entity known as the World Forger - could create countless universes. If a universe was a sucess, it would rise to join the Orrery of Worlds, while worlds that failed were destroyed. That is, until Barbatos - the Great Dragon and destroy of universes - revolted and took the realm for himself.

Instead of destroying failed worlds, Barbatos allowed these worlds to exist, thriving on the destruction and suffering of all sentient life that lived on them. From these worlds came seven of the darkest knights ever seen. However, when he discovered the Batman Who Laughs, the Great Dragon set his sights on the "true" multiverse above them.

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